About me

Welcome!! 歡迎!!

My name is Leroy (real). I also go by other names such as 阿迪, 利萊 and 謝展平 (not real).

“A slash, altruistic utilitarian, neophyte epistemologist, optimal forager and wannabe ideologist. Most importantly, I am always in search of the optimal level of drunkenness.”


In the real world, I am a consultant (stuff that makes money) turned startup investor/advisor (yeah, stuff that doesn’t usually make money). One thing that doesn’t change however is my passion for solving problems. Well, at least trying to understand the problem and find a way to express it.

And this is the best place to express it – my personal blog – my random thoughts and rants – my thought experimentation lab – on just about any topic I can think of.

I don’t claim to have any knowledge of anything that I write here – so read at your own risk!

A dumb person asking questions is always infinitely more interesting than a smart person answering questions. So I try to ask a lot of questions.

You are welcome to have opinions on my writing but try not to judge me through my writing. Things are more complicated than you think.

I am excited responding to your comments and get connected, as long as you have something smart to say.

Finally, start writing yourself. Living a happy life is not a goal but a habit. And writing is a therapeutic habit for living a happier life.


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