Startup weekend

Another startup weekend. Another major disappointment. I am not dissing startup weekend. I like it. I have helped organise one, mentor and judge on a few other ones. I love the enthusiasm, excitement and the wonderful vibe one can always experience from this volunteer-run event.

Startup lesson

Recently I was involved in (albeit in a rather limited fashion) putting together a mini-entrepreneurship program for a local university. We covered most of the key topics in the startup literature world – lean canvas, business model, market validation, design thinking, fund raising, financial management, etc.  It’s literally a mini-MBA course for startups. Yet I…

Evaluating startups

Recently I met quite a few startups through business/coaching and it has led me to one simple question. What if John Lennon pitches to modern day startup investors/mentors/judges about making songs that could change the world? The following is probably a good indication of what may happen…


每次參加完創業營,都想做一點筆記。 剛剛幾個禮拜,都有參與一家大學弄的創業營及其課程。我們不斷提出design thinking,lean canvas這些概念,當看到有一些團隊確實是有領會,我們是很開心的。 可是還是有一些團隊,沒有抓到重點,我現在試試舉一些例子。


今天看了一位知名創投人的訪問。 其中一個問題是,“你覺得創投人應該自己也有創業的經驗嗎?” 這個問題我之前寫過,今天卻有新的體驗。 最簡單直接當然就是說“應該”還是“不應該”,然後給一個隨便都可以上網找到的理由。


過去幾年,參加了不少大大小小的創業活動,有做過搞手,有做過評審,也做過mentor(台灣叫業師)。其中雖然我最喜歡做業師,也是最不好做的。 說什麼業師,本來就沒有太多可以/應該分享,因為我一直覺得業師唯一的功能就是鼓勵團隊。說真的,如果創業是一盤棋,我們最多可以說就是鼓勵他們先把“兵”推前一步(當然這也不一定是對的),其他晚一點再說吧。 這個世界,action跟inaction影響一切。