Saving private startups

One of the most interesting phenomenon I observe in the startup ecosystem is that everyone assumes startups need help – a lot of help. Therefore everyone is offering mentorship, training, advising, sharing (paid or pro bono), and of course a lot of grants too… Is this right? Advertisements


今天給一位前輩提醒,說我應該更實時地把一些想法紀錄下來。 好吧! 不知不覺在這個所謂創業圈混了好一陣子了,當中有一些遊戲規則我是覺得挺有趣的。


昨天有朋友問我,“什麼是加速器?” 在現今全球創業潮底下,就算對創新(innovation)、創業(startup/entrepreneurship)沒什麼興趣的人,都很大機會有聽過incubation, accelerator, co-working space, hackathon, 創業比賽,等等等等。

The Gary Vaynerchuk effect

Gary Vaynerchuk is the man. He was at the RISE conference last week and he literally stole the entire show, on and off the event. He is indeed a social media expert, my Facebook and Twitter feed is flooded with posts about/with him.