The startup books that you should avoid

If you search “best startup books” on Google, just like almost every other time when you are unsure of something, you are sure to get the following titles. Yes, reading is fun but if you are a founder of an early-stage startup, you should really avoid reading them.

Startup weekend

Another startup weekend. Another major disappointment. I am not dissing startup weekend. I like it. I have helped organise one, mentor and judge on a few other ones. I love the enthusiasm, excitement and the wonderful vibe one can always experience from this volunteer-run event.

Snap(chat) is the new Enron

The whole startup craze has gone too far. Many millennial who are part of this startup movement have probably never heard of Enron (or probably not much anyway). Enron was a major energy company (a bit of an understatement) that had a spectacular crash. Just before the crash, it (allegedly) reported an annual revenue in…


我們其實不難看到全世界的政府都在支持創業,當然香港也一樣。 先不說為什麼政府要支持創業(這個話題可以談很久),可是可以肯定的是,支持創業的撥款的確是越來越多。如果再加上一些“業餘”天使跟白熱化的創投市場,“錢”真的多得很(也先不討論QE跟低息環境是不是把這些“錢”變便宜了)。 表面看起來,這樣對於有心有力創業的人,一定是好事。可是對於整體環境來說,這是好事嗎?

Startup lesson

Recently I was involved in (albeit in a rather limited fashion) putting together a mini-entrepreneurship program for a local university. We covered most of the key topics in the startup literature world – lean canvas, business model, market validation, design thinking, fund raising, financial management, etc.  It’s literally a mini-MBA course for startups. Yet I…