The art of communication

Last week I had a chance to attend a communication course. To be honest, I have attended my share of these types of ‘leadership’ and ‘management’ courses, and the results have been mixed at best. However, this one is different. Very different.

Startup weekend

Another startup weekend. Another major disappointment. I am not dissing startup weekend. I like it. I have helped organise one, mentor and judge on a few other ones. I love the enthusiasm, excitement and the wonderful vibe one can always experience from this volunteer-run event.


前幾個禮拜,在路上看到一位媽媽對一位大概只有三四歲的小孩大罵。 “我講過好多次,你不要挑戰我的底線!” 我可以肯定,那個哭得很可憐的小女生應該聽不懂這種在電視劇才出現的對白。反而那位母親在工作上卻是挺有機會聽到這句話。父母潛意識找小孩發洩實在是非常普遍的。


不知不覺在這網誌已經寫了快兩年。 從開始到現在,初衷沒變過,只是希望給自己一個平台去整理和表達一些想法。雖然想事情一直都是我的嗜好(我老婆常常唸我很愛發呆),可是發現如果強迫自己多寫的話,思路會比較清楚,也讓自己更了解自己。